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The episode of Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai begins with Vibhuti on a contact speaking about Angoori&#8217s laddu recipe. He walks in direction of Angoori and ends the call. Vibhuti starts speaking about Bablu. Angoori asks Vibhuti who is Bablu. Vibhuti replies that Bablu is his childhood buddy and she knows him as Mr Singhania who gave her the purchase of laddu.

Vibhuti tells Angoori that Mr Singhania had planned to convey sweets from France, but he convinces him stating that Angoori helps make the very best laddoos in city. Angoori many thanks Vibhuti for having her the order and then taunts him so that he will confess that Mr Singhania is just a informal good friend and not his childhood good friend.

Vibhuti, Tiwari and Prem are consuming jointly. Prem and Vibhuti explore their university days. Tiwari asks them to leave all the discussion and how substantially money Mr Singhania acquired. Prem states that Vibhuti will have to be born 7periods to generate that a lot money. Vibhuti receives angry and states that Prem always underestimated him. Prem and Vibhuti start arguing.

Prem will get a simply call. Prem learns that Mr Singhania is bankrupt. He disconnects the cellular phone and attempts to leave. Vibhuti stops him saying the celebration is nevertheless on. Afterwards, Boys aid Angoori to get ready sweets. Vibhuti arrives and attempts to disturb them. Tiwari comes and asks Vibhuti to go inside his residence. Vibhuti states that Mr Singhania asks him to supervise.

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