December 24 is Anil Kapoor’s birthday. Anil Kapoor celebrated his birthday with great pomp. You know that Anil Kapoor is a well-known artist and is currently busy shooting for his upcoming film Jug Jug Jio. He also celebrated his birthday on the set, where his wife Sunita was also present. Talking about Anil Kapoor’s career, very few people would know that Anil’s early career was nothing special.

They did not even have the money to pay the taxi fare. Yes, his career had improved after advancing a bit in his career. Today we are going to tell you about the quarrel of Anil Kapoor and his brother Boney Kapoor. Let us know the whole story….

Anil got angry at his brother because of Shredvi

This story happened during the 1987 film Mr. India. The film starred Sridevi in ​​Anil Kapoor’s lead role.
The film was a blockbuster at the box office. But during the shooting of this film, Anil and his brother got into a fight, as Anil and Sridevi have done many films together. There was a good friendship between the two. However, there was a time when Anil became angry with his brother because of Sridevi.

Bonnie said this in interview

Anil Kapoor hated brother due to sister-in-law Sridevi, had a fight for money
Boney had told in an interview that he had become crazy after seeing Sridevi. He wanted to get her into his film at any cost, for which he had to convince his mother as well. He said that he refused to offer Mr. India to Sridevi.

He then asked for a fee of Rs 10 lakh, on which Boney offered him 11 lakh. Anil’s money was also invested in the film. He did not like giving such a huge amount to Sridevi. Anil did not say anything to Boney at that time.

Money was given for the treatment of mother

Anil Kapoor hated brother due to sister-in-law Sridevi, had a fight for money
According to sources, Sridevi needed money to treat her mother. At that time, Bonnie also helped him. Due to this, Anil confronted Boney. Not only this, he had also left the set of Mr. India and refused to even do the film. After this, the film’s director Shekhar Kapur persuaded him by calling and he came back with some conditions. He had taken up the task of production and had done a big part of the profit in his name.

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