Aishwarya Roy said that no matter what happens, I will not work with Sunny Deol, then angry Sunny did it big ..

Mumbai: Bollywood’s famous actor Sunny Deol is not interested in any introduction. Sunny has a distinct identity in Bollywood. People consider Sunny as an action actor. Sunny, who is considered to be Bollywood’s super actor, has spent more than 4 decades working in the film. Let me tell you that on that tour it was said that the actress who worked with Sunny became her life and the same film also guaranteed Sunny to be a superhit. In such a situation, every actress wanted to work with Sunny. Let me tell you that even though many actresses wanted to work with Sunny, but Aishwarya Roy Bachchan refused to work directly with Sunny.

The film started

Sunny Deol is very much liked as a famous actor in Bollywood. Meanwhile, Sunny is always in discussion about the film Ghayal. Let me tell you that Sunny’s film was very much liked. It is said about this film that Sridevi was being taken earlier in this film, but she refused, after which actress Meenakshi Seshadri was taken. This film was proved to be a super hit, after which Sridevi also regretted not doing this film.

No one wants to work with me

Sunny Deol told during an interview that even though I have given many films to Bollywood. Despite this, my Bollywood is not that important. As it used to be. Sunny said that Bollywood’s big actress wants to work with big actors like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan but can’t work in my film.

Sunny shared an anecdote saying that I was going to make a very good film in which I wanted to take Aishwarya Roy Bachchan but she refused to do this film. Sunny further said that I do not know why people do not want to work with me. With this, Sunny said that he will now concentrate in making more films in Bollywood. Sunny said that she was very angry after Aishwarya’s refusal. The same Aishwarya said that I did not like the script of Sunny’s film. Because of which he refused to do the film.

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