BB14: Abhinav Shukla has been a victim of Salman’s anger many times in the weekend, this statement made as soon as Evict

The BB14 show is now heading to Finale. Probably the show will have its next week finale. During this time the winner will be announced and this season of the show will be closed. Many contestants have been eliminated from the show so far. Recently, Abhinav Shukla also evicted from the show. As soon as he came out, he spoke openly on Salman’s anger and many things.

Salman has been targeting Abhinav Shukla for several weekends. He has heard Abhinav very fiercely. This attitude of Salman has made many fans of Abhinav angry at the superstar. But now after coming out of the show, Abhinav has talked a lot about Salman. Especially with their anger. Abhinav said that whenever Salman gets angry or targets on anyone, it is all for the good of the contestant.

It is said that whatever Salman says he says for the good of all. He says that I never get upset about this thing that he is saying bad or whether he said so bad. He says that I have learned a lot from Salman’s words. The way they guided us was for our good. It is clear from Abhinav’s words that he is a good hearted person. Everyone is a positive thinking person. Perhaps this is the reason why he stayed on the show for a long time.

So there are still many participants in the show. Now it will be interesting to see who becomes the winner of Big Boss season 14. By the way, everyone’s fans want to see the crown of their contestant’s big boss season 14. In such a situation, whose fans are you, who do you want to see winning, share your opinion in the comment section.

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